Who we are Mobilier De Style


Mobilier De Style ® is a registered trademark by La Forge De Style ©, which has based its worldwide credibility on its prestigious work realized for the most talented designers over the last 15 years.


Today, La Forge De Style © is introducing a new brand of furniture, Mobilier De Style ®, inspired from the French furniture history.

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Our vocation

"Connoisseur" 's pieces addressed to all.

Our brand is devoted to meet our professional designers and architects expectations, in a matter of price and lead time without giving up on the exceptional quality which is La Forge De Style © signature.


We also offer to buy our pieces to any individual connoisseur, who will be more than welcome to order on our website.  


We are dedicated to produce luxury pieces of furniture, that have been previously studied and designed, with the opportunity to evolve slightly in their presentation, under request. Indeed, a catalogue of customizable furniture is available


Fabrication de la Console August Mobilier De Style
Mobilier De Style ® France

Notre collection Mobilier De Style
Nos finitions sur le métal Mobilier De Style

our technical expertise

We are proud of offering a large panel of exclusive textures choices, realized in our atelier of forge. Also, we are able to offer various patinas and colors for finishes.


Our expertise allows us to offer pieces already designed for a flawless quality of fabrication.

A customized offer

  • We offer a large choice of texture and finish which is allowing you to customize great classical French furniture to your taste.
Nos fintions sur le métal Mobilier De Style
  • Dimensions are customizable on all our pieces to match with your interiors space.
Les dimensions sont modulables Mobilier De Style
  • Tops can be changed. Indeed, we offer customized options of tops for each piece to be in harmony with your interiors design.
Nos différents plateaux Mobilier De Style
  • We offer a large choice of lampshades to suit your projects. 
Nos différents abat-jours mobilier de style



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